Tuesday, June 14, 2011

In Love With Awesome: The Cozy Project (& Giveaway!)

Once upon a time there was a girl who stalked things.

Her stalking things led her to stalk other things and the stalking upon stalking eventually leads her to...wait, that's not the story I want to tell. But, what I wanted to share did involve a littttle bit of stalking. Let's try that again, shall we?

A long, long time ago which means two years I found a lovely blog called Frolic! and I followed every single post. One day they posted a lil' "Happy Monday" blog which detailed links to lovely things, one of which asked the question, How cute is this? and you know I had to know how cute what was. And "This" turned out to be really, really cute (I even won a giveaway myself!). So began my adoration of The Cozy Project. (Can you tell that I loves me some story telling? I know, I know, I'm not crazy good at it, but still I try).

When I told Jen I was writing a blog about The Cozy Project and asked her if she would mind answering some questions, sending me some photos of her work/workshop and doing a giveaway, she was ripe with enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is a pretty big deal around these parts. I absolutely love the photos she sent me and I am sure so will you:

All photos courtesy of Chelsea Fuss of {Frolic}

So much adorable. Not only do these cozies make great coffee insulators, but they also keep your poor fingers from getting chilly when you slide your beer in one.

Or even your Crystal Light flavored Smart Water:

Which might happen to also perfectly happen to match your shirt that day:

And if you're really nutty, like I am, it might even match the artwork in your office:

The matchy-matchy is pretty outrageous in Chrissaland.

When you were little, what did you imagine yourself doing when you "grew up"?
I will pretend for the sake of this question that I am actually a grown up! I have always been interested in lots of things and wanted to try all of them. I have an intense need to be creative... My mom taught me crochet when I was ten or so. I drew a lot and wrote (really ridiculous) poems in high school (and maybe college..... Shhhh. Don't tell. They were terrible!).  My fav classes were writing and anything but math! I currently have a "day job" that I enjoy but I always make time to pursue creative adventures. I have dabbled in painting and sculpture. I like to tailor and and tweak my own clothes in order to make them a little unique. If you asked me now what I want to do when I grow up, I would say that I want to move to Greece and run a hotel on the beach! Preferably somewhere on the Isle of Crete. It's a nice little teensy dream!

You have to be so proud of yourself for finding such a wonderful and creative product that people love, what inspired you?
I am excited that people love what I make. It's really validating and motivating for me to continue. I love to make things. I would probably continue even if no one noticed but who isn't motivated by a little positive feedback? It is my preference to make gifts rather than buy them. I have made lots of things. One year for Christmas everyone got an afghan. Yes. An Afghan. Everyone. I think I made 20. They were very simple... but I had just moved to a new town and I didn't know anyone and I think that season of 24 was really good... so Jack Bauer was my best friend and I made a lot of blankets. The first cozy came last year for my boss for Boss's day. Everyone at work was really encouraging and wanted me to make more. How could I not oblige?
As far as what inspires me when I am creating something? I would have to say everything. Colors are really inspiring. I like to find a way to match normally unmatchy colors. I like contrast. A week or so ago I saw this beautiful bouquet of sweet peas and loved the way the colors looked. So I went home and created a cozy that matched. I don't organize my yarn by color. I like to see it all up against each other. I see shapes and I want to replicate them. I love when people request specific things... like a certain flower or animal or they tell me their husband is really into craft beer and could I try to come up with something he would like. (Hops. I stitched Hops onto felt and attached it to a cozy that fit on a pint glass.) Cozies are really fun little projects. There is so much opportunity for creativity. Each one can be different. And because they are smaller projects, I can sit down and in about an hour have a finished item. Almost instant gratification.

What are your favorite products, websites or vices that you simply can't live without?
Coffee with steamed milk!!! Also: I love buttons. I could spend hours shopping for buttons. Lately I have really been drawn to wooden buttons. I am partial to cotton yarn and not just because I am allergic to wool. I love Lion Brand Cotton Ease. My fav cozy that I use myself is made from recycled cotton yarn. It's so soft!! I love Fray Check! Pandora. Etsy. NPR. Double stick tape (not necessarily cozy related but craft related and I do not know what I would do without it). I recently replaced my old cell with a smart phone and we are totally inseparable best mates. (Or perhaps I have an addiction.) The other day I used the screen as a light board to trace shapes for felt pieces. I get so excited when I think of all that I have at my finger tips!! Also, I can keep track of orders and be "present" in my shop even when I am out and about! How great is that?

Pretty great, huh? You know what I think is great? The Cozy Project. I am cheesier than Chester Cheetah...I think I am okay with that.

I'm pretty sure you knew that already though, I'm not getting anything past you guys ;)

Now for the best part, Mr. Giveaway. Hit up Jennie's store and pick out your favorite. Let us know which you loved the most and I'll announce the winner on Friday's post.

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Have fun!

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But before you go...

Congratulations to the Emily Finan Illustration giveaway winner from our last post: Cat Christmas

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Lori L said...

this one's gonna be a real shocker... aqua with red wooden buttons!

Berrak - DC Princess said...

Oh I love these!

My favorite is the Grey & Pink Cozy.

Centsible mommy of 2 said...

I love the Aqua Cozy with Red buttons, too :) It's adorable!! I had a hard time deciding lol
mikerenea55 at comcast dot net

rachel cardin said...

i think my favorite is the green with purple flower that has a big red button in the center. very cheery. loved it.

..or the last tree one. with the round top on it. i got married on earth day, so i have a thing for cute little trees.

they were all so cute though. i kinda wanna buy a bunch of them

Aimee said...

Grey cozy with pink heart is my fav! Hard choice though!

Julie Hackel said...

I am enamored with stars, flowers and hearts. I especially like these two...if you can see the link.
Very cute!

Tori said...

Oh my god, how did I miss this. I love these!! I love the natural w/coconut buttons, but I thiiink my favorite would be the pink tree one. Eee, so CUTE.

Anonymous said...

I've been searching in google for some items and accidentally found this thedesignjunkie.blogspot.com blog. You definitely can write and teach and inspire. Keep writing - I'll keep reading.