Friday, June 3, 2011

In Love With Awesome: Emily Finan (...and a GIVEAWAY!)

I first saw Emily Finan's work at Freshtight Design's Emerge and See event.

I wish I could find my photos that I took of her table that night. It was love at first gawk. The detail in the faces of her characters, the color in her prints and the flush of the blush on the girl's cheeks are perfect. I absolutely love her work.

Buuuuut, because I'm stalker, I am going to snag someone else's so you can get an idea of how cute it was:

psst, photoownerperson: Speak up and I will SO give you photo cred

And of course my favorite:

No, really it is.

I own it, seeeeee:

You know the saying, "Photos just don't it justice"?
Well trust me, a photo of my photo doesn't do it justice either.

As with all of my ILWA posts, I has questionz!

When you were little, what did you imagine yourself doing when you "grew up"?  

I wanted to do everything! I wanted to be a broadway star, archaeologist extraordinaire, dolphin trainer, journalist, famous artist, among other things. And as a child I used to worry about growing up because I knew I would have to make a choice. In the end, my love of art won out :)

You have to be so proud of yourself for finding such a wonderful and creative product that people love, what inspired you?

I find inspiration in so many things. Art has been a serious passion for a few years now, but it wasn't until last summer that things really started to click. I am studying art at Oakland University, which has a very conceptually focused arts program. Last summer I became very inspired by vintage photography and started a series of Victorian Girl portraits. They really blend the theoretical side of art that I study in college with the illustrative style I have grown to favor. I am also inspired by nature, culture, and language, and pretty colors!

What are your favorite products, websites or vices that you simply can't live without?

I spend all my money on art supplies! It is an addiction. I love trying new materials and media. I recently bought these water soluble graphite crayons that are really interesting. My biggest vice right now is It's a compilation of the creepiest youtube videos, some frighten me and others have me laughing for hours. 

Because Chrissa is nosy and so are you:

Emily's Studio:

My studio is currently puppy proof so it's a bit funny to look at! And even still, my puppy manages to steal a pencil or two every day. (I can grab them back now before he destroys them.)

Well, I think her studio is totally perfect, and I'm jealous of her retro clock screen saver. Gah, I want a Mac!

So now for the extra fun part. Giiiiiiveaway time.

Take a stroll around Emily's Etsy store and come back and leave a comment letting us know what your favorite print is. The winner will be chosen randomly and announced Monday, June 6th. They may chose between either an 8x10 or 5x7 of any Victorian Girl, a 5x7 of the season or nautical prints.

Emily Elsewheres:

Emily's Website
Emily's Etsy Store
Emily's Flick
Emily's Twitter 
Emily's Facebook

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White Lacquer said...

Wow!!! I love her stuff, thank you so much for sharing or I might not have found her! I love love love the Victorian twins, Pirate ship, and the Anchor. How can someone choose? *fingers crossed*.


gypsy divine said...

I love the harlequin girl because I'm a big (batman) catwoman and harley quinn fan... I also love the spring and the winter seasons girls - spring for my birthday and winter because I love purple, snowflakes, and little girls in winter. <3

Cat Christmas said...

There's something really magical about the Original Girl, though. It embodies an extra 'lil twinkle.

Ana said...

I really love her Deer Moleskine Cahier Journal, it is beautiful and as I make illustrations and drawings too I think I could give it good use :)

Ana said...

it was a print. My fault, I just love the journal so much :)
I'll go for the Tea Party, makes me think of Alice in Wonderland ♥

brienna said...

Oh stunning!!!! What a gorgeous feature and I absolutely adore Emily's work as well! Very well deserved and I do hope I win. It's so difficult to find a favorite as I LOVE them all, but if I had to choose, I find the TEA PARTY so enchanting and eerie. Fingers crossed, this would look so lovely in our Victorian home.


Randy said...

I'm in for the 4x6 blue deer. That's a lot of awesome... can you handle it?

jennifer said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Emilys Art! I have been watching her updates and just end up more impressed everytime.

On her Etsy account my favorite drawing is the Harlequin Girl. I love the colors! But personally my favorite of all was posted a few days ago and I cant wait for it to make it to the etsy store! Miss. Marie Antoinette is fabulous!

thelittlereddoor said...

my fave piece of art in Emily's shop is the Tea Princess. love love love!

Jenny P said...

I love all of them... But the spring portrait is my fav!!

stephologist said...

I really do love them all.. but i'd have to say the "Victorian Girl With Parasol" is my favorite. Nice work Emily!

Julie Hackel said...

Love the Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall well as let them eat cupcakes, and the girl with the heart necklace...there are too many to choose just one!

Julie Hackel said...

Yesterday, I decided which one of her wonderful pieces I would want to own....WINTER. Why you ask? Because it was 102 degrees outside yesterday (according to my car). :)