Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Accidental wins and fails

Much of the time I arrive at serious win for myself purely by accident.

I get excited about something I see, most often online, on Etsy, a design blog...and out of my excitement I get a bit giddy, turn into a twelve year old, email someone, tell all my friends, make new ones and before long I find myself alone in my office giggling like a school girl at all of the unintentional awesome in my world. It's just how my awesome seems to roll, in giant waves of win.

Many of you know by now that I have a serious love affair with hardwood floors, and even more so, aqua and turquoise painted hardwood floors. And ceilings. But, mostly floors. I dream of someday having a little cottage with white painted open rafters and bead board ceilings and aqua floors (with maybe some chocolately brown ones thrown in for good measure).

Kind of like these ones:

image via Coastal Living

(you get the idea)

Many of you also know that I rent. I may love my little loft like space on the side of a hill, but it's not my own cottage, there has to be some rules. My landlord(s) are about the most tolerant people I've ever met. I pick up free furniture from CL just about every day and they never complain or threaten to kick me out if I bring any more pieces home (or if my porch sometimes looks like this):

So asking if I could paint my porch turquoise seemed pretty audacious of a request, so I really didn't want to ask it. Even though, I really, really wanted to do it. Like, kinda bad.

I guess Kaya heard my internal plea, because Saturday as we were leaving to go to the lake for the afternoon, we walked out to find her standing next to a tipped over bucket of turquoise paint:

(and crap! That reminds me I forgot to jot the color down prior to pitching the can. Doh!). She looked so proud, "Wook what I did Cwisty! I twied to fwinish but my paws are twu small". 

She dumped so much paint the only option was to paint the porch with it. Which, was kind of awesome. Of course, this solved my having to ask permission or potentially being disappointed when I am told, "Hell no, you can't paint your porch turquoise". Yay. Thanks, Kaya.

"Yowr welcome, Cwisty"

My porch before Kaya's awesome metaphoric bucket of win dumped on it:

And now:

I still have a lot of work to do, but that's for next Summer.

Now, as you'd expect, I can't just be awesome and have accidentally awesome things happen to me all of the time. I screw up, sometimes pretty bad, and sometimes pretty often. Usually though, I don't mess up anything that I can't fix with some Dry Dex or Painter's Touch, but other times...

Yeah. About that.

Pretty much anyone who has been around since Stuff Chrissa Loves is incredibly aware of my recent obsession with yellow doors and my insane need to have one of my own. I blame Tobi Fairley.

Just LOOK at this door. It'd make anyone want a yellow door. Heck, it'd make anyone want a barn door.

image via Tobi Fairley

Soooo...I decided to paint my own door yellow. I had a gallon leftover from this dandy lil' project of mine:

Now before we get too very judgy, I have to admit a few things:

1. I didn't prime first. I know, I know, I know.

2. The door wasn't dry by the time I had to rush off to see my aunt at the hospital. And then it rained.

3. I used latex paint. And. I didn't prime first. Or sand. I know, I know, I know.

 I know, I know, I know.

Guess what I'm doing this weekend ;)

What are your biggest accidental wins and fails? I'd love for you to share them so I don't feel like such a doofus.

xo, Chrissa