Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pink on the Floor: Guest post by Arcadian Lighting

Hi, I'm Susi, a writer for Arcadian Lighting blog, a wonderful place to find inspiration for cool light fixtures and lighting projects.

I love visiting design blogs as a guest blogger. I'm excited to be visiting The Design Junkie, one of my favorite blogs for inspiration. My guest post today is about pink floors. Pink floors can feel ultra-girly, retro, modern and uber contemporary... it all depends on the color and the room. Hope you enjoy!

Pink Floors
The painted wood floors of the Humlegarden apartment in Stockholm are incredible. The shades of pink, rose and red make for a mosaic-like effect. Gorgeous!
Pink Floors
Pink and white chevron painted wood floors are so charming in this bedroom. We love the pale pink in this cheery, happy space.
Pink Floors
Note the rose pink of this geometric painted area rug. The pink is perfect against the white and blond wood of the modern furniture. That clear pendant light is just right for this space.
Pink Floors
The deep rose in the antique rug is a sophisticated pink for the floor. Love the Turkish rug amid the beautiful mix of global patterns and table lamps.
Pink Floors
For a girls' room, a large pink area rug with a graphic pattern is a pretty choice. I love the tone on tone color of this pink area rug.
Pink Floors
Pink floors and a pink fridge make this a very girly kitchen. Too Barbie? Think of the pink paired with whites, yellows or even grey for a more sophisticated palette.
Pink Floors
Brilliant pink Flor tiles really stand out against black walls in this foyer. You can see how other colors, like yellow, pop against the pink of the floor.
Pink Floors
Pink and white in a bathroom can feel too feminine or girly. This white bathroom gets a pop of bright pink on the floor. The strong color doesn't feel little girl at all, but rather chic and modern just like the wall lamps and sink consoles.

Images: | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 |

What do you think of the pink floors? Don't forget to stop by Arcadian Lighting to check out some lighting fixtures to go with your pink flooring!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Things I Love Today: White on White

Hey there! I'm Jenn and I write for Design Shuffle, a popular social media/networking site that chronicles interior designs and decorating ideas from around the world. I've been writing about home decor for over a decade and love everything about bedroom design, den design, kitchen design, and more. The web has always been a source of inspiration, and it's great sites like The Design Junkie that get my creative juices flowing. Thanks for letting me guest post here today Chrissa as part of your regular "Things I Love Today" series.

Interior designs for white on white wide open spaces are always airy and fresh - a monochromatic colour palette allows for an endless array of decorating ideas. Modern or traditional and used coast to coast by New York interior designers as well as Los Angeles interior designers, white on white wide open spaces are always "in," and these eight incredible spaces will demonstrate why this is a popular trend.

A white den design

White On White Rooms

This uncomplicated great room, which includes a kitchen, eating area, and sitting room, looks streamlined in white. The black-framed prints on the walls break up the starkness.

White living room design ideas

White On White Rooms
Just a dash of butter yellow and soft brown are the only colours in this living room design, and with the linen furniture and curtains as well as the architectural detailing, it's all that's needed.

A touch of cream

White On White Rooms
The white walls along with the sheer fabrics of the shades and mod lighting fixture all come together beautifully in this living room design.

All-purpose flower

White On White Rooms
There's no shortage of interesting pieces in this white on white open space - from the daybed to the busy entertainment unit, it's the high ceilings of this airy room that keeps it from feeling cluttered.

A workspace for two

White On White Rooms
Everything is white in this home office: desks, chairs, shelving, even the folders and other office supplies. The long configuration of the room gives it an inviting feeling.

White on white great room

White On White Rooms

The white slatted roof and minimalist living room design make this space take on a look that is both classic as well as contemporary.

For the new baby

White on white great room
A white on white nursery in an open space such as this looks sweet and soothing - the only colour in the room is the two-toned crib, a pretty detail.

White on white bedroom design

White on white great room
This cozy white bed still stands out against the stark backdrop - even the shiny tiled white fireplace is gorgeous. The addition of the brown chair gives the space more dimension.
Images ( 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 )

Thanks Jenn for visiting!

If you'd like to do a guest post on The Design Junkie, please send me an email.
xo, Chrissa

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I need this kitchen so I'm making it...

...kind of.

So this winter I'm doing a teensy-weensy renovation to my kitchen. We're talking low, low, low budget stuff here. Of course this means a special Pinboard for the project, but also that I need to track down some things.

My inspiration:

My formula is pretty simple:
  • Replace my stove and dishwasher with gently used "newish" ones from The Habitat From Humanity ReStore (this will involve a tiny bit of planning), 
  • Paint all of my cabinets white (taking huge ques from Marion aka Miss Mustard Seed)
  • Cover my counter tops with a stainless steel laminate that a friend is hooking me up with
  • Add the hardware you see above
  •  Replace my sink with a bib sink (if I can find one with a lip on it) 
  • Swap out some cupboards for open shelving
  • Add subway tile backsplash 
  • Paint my current fridge chalk board paint black because I've wanted to do it ever since I saw this by Lauren Leiss of Pure Style Home
image via Pure Style Home

(I wish the open-rafter ceilings were an option, but any noise from upstairs would sound thunderous if I tried to do that so no dice)

Most importantly:



In the meantime, I'm doing this:

But, I think we can agree it's not nearly the awesomesauce that it could be. 

I'd love to do this for my countertops, but I doubt I can afford it and I'm trying to keep the elbow grease to a dull roar. But aren't they pretty?

I usually hate dark wood, but I love just about anything paired with white

I really want THIS sink, but have been told by my pseudo-contractor that I have to have a lip on my sink or it won't work with my pre-existing cabinets

image via Pinterest 
(and the pinner hit my pet-peeve: they didn't pin from the website but from the opened image. Grr)

So I guess now I'm looking for this:

I love the open shelving from this kitchen so that's on the list. 

I really hope to start this Winter. It depends on a lot, and I have a very, very tiny budget. We'll see how it goes. 

In the mean time, I need to find that sink. And those TINS.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

I love antlers as much as the next guy.


Nearly $1,000 for a pair? Listen guys, you send me a grand, I'll totally mount those bad boys, gold-leaf them and even ship em' priority overnight. Granted, it won't be 22 carat gold-leaf, but who gives a shit? That's crazytalk.

I'm just saying.

Monday, July 4, 2011

I love my new hairs!

That is all I wanted to say.

Stay tuned for, "my current obsession with friendship bracelets". I'm such a winner ;)

Happy Proud To Be An Independent American Day, Lovelies! xo

Love, Chrissa

Monday, June 27, 2011

How did I get here?

Tonight as I got ready for bed, I went about turning off lights, locking locks, latching doors... I stopped and took a serious look around. In the dimly lit glow of my kitchen looking into my living room, I asked myself, "How did I get here?"

I mean, I know what happened, I know what I willingly gave up, I know what disappeared from my life, I know what I've accomplished (I think). But looking back at these last two years of my life, how that time began, to what it has become now, I am in awe of where it has led me; The people it has led me to.

So much has happened during this time. I have grown, I have learned, I have evolved.

Sometimes, it takes a strong look at a physical place to really see the measure of what you've accomplished. 

I went from this:

To this:

It's not much, nor is it by any means "perfect", but it is mine. None of it existed at the time the first photo was taken. I moved in with a bed, my clothes and books. I have found every piece of furniture I own, most of it I've refinished, a lot of it for free...and thankfully I can now look at this room, my home and my life with pride, because I worked for every single minute and every single inch. 

But mostly? 

I just feel blessed. 

I feel like all of the hard decisions I have been faced with, the gut instincts I didn't ignore and all of the choices I made, brought me to this very moment, this place in my life where I can take a look around and feel as though I am right where I need to be. I am surrounded by people that I love and that love me in return. I am treated with kindness and respect. The people in my life do generous and thoughtful things for me, and appreciate me when I do the same for them. I like who I am and the person I have become. 

And I guess that's a hell of a lot. More than some might ever get, you know?

Well, and this:

Some might never get that, but, I did :) 

Friday, June 24, 2011

Paint, tables, beach blankets, fairies, cows, camels and vampires, oh my!

I've been slackin' you guys.

But only on you. I realize this isn't much of a consolation, but I knew you would be comforted with the knowledge that every other area of my life is being attended to, but I miss you so! I'd far rather hide in here and play all day (which is not even close to an exaggeration), but I have been busy as all get out making hay and donuts.

I do, however, have a few glimpses into my recent projects. Let's see, I painted my living room and am so happy that's done. The color is Beach Blanket by Valspar. I got the sample during Valspar's free sample promo a few months back:

What do you think? I am SO in love with it. reminds me of the color you were helping me try and find back in this post from this photo:

'Cept my new color is a bit more green hued than that room. It has more gray notes to it. It also makes me really happy to end up buying a gallon as a result of their free sample giveaway, to feel like I'm reciprocating not just taking advantage of, if that makes any sense. I'm kind of sappy.

I haven't had time to do much in the way of "staging", not that my living room is one of those spaces that staging would really help, but you work with what'chu got, yanno? I love it 100 times more than I did. At the moment the only thing that drives me bat shit is the TV. :: Le Sigh:: I usually watch stuff on my laptop anyway so I can't really obsess over the small stuff. Well. I can and do, but I try not to.

Remember this post from not too long ago?

So that was then:

and this is now:

I'll post more photos later, but for now, you can see the color at least and some of the pieces I finished. I am still trying to decide if I want to paint my white chair's legs and the table next to it. I bought the table with every intention of painting it until I got the chair and thought it needed a friend with that same shade of dark brown in common. I also realize the scale is a bit off and I have to ignore that until I have a bigger budget. Or any budget for that matter. I've been working with free or dirt cheap pieces and about the only thing I pay for is paint. I will tell you though, since I started using an industrial paint sprayer, it's a brave new world. Which reminds me, you can get your lolz on with this gem:

At least with my ability to laugh at myself, I'll never be truly lonely, right?

So where was I? Oh yes, projects. I also finished my bathroom, which I'll also cover soon, but that went a little like this:  

Old bathroom here:

And new/new bathroom here:

I love it SO much more. It feels so much bigger, calmer, more serene. Oh, and in case you're thinking it, no, I am not painting these rooms again, or every 2 years as some of my friends are theorizing. I haven't even blogged my bedroom or kitchen and by the time I get around to it, I will be on its second make-over. 

I also took care of these nesting tables that I absolutely adore:

if you love my pillows, you can get your own pair:
Layla Grayce

I love the inlay and planned to paint the inside of them white, similar to my beloved Greenwich tables by oomph that I love so much:

image via oomph's blog

At nearly $1,500 a pop, I will quite merrily settle for my own version for the cost of a quart of paint. Which actually got me the equivalent of 2 gallons of paint in this case - but that's another story and you know better than to get me going on a shiny thing.

Initially I was going to go a bit darker green, especially after seeing, coveting and wanting to replicate Natty's lovely green dresser:

image via Natty by Design

Is that not crazy gorgeous?

Then I decided to let them sit it out a bit, get comfy in their new skin...and now I kind of like them the way they are. Of course, I'll change my mind in a week and want to paint them navy. I wish I were kidding. I painted the inside panels of my IKEA Billy bookcases (what a fiasco that was!) and by the time I had finished I decided maybe my accent color should be navy, not pink so my LR didn't feel so watermelony and estrogen filled. I am NOT changing it. Nope. Nuh uh.

It's hard being a girl that can never just relax and be happy with what she has.

Then I knocked out Lilly's chair and it's side table and unfortunately only have the shittiest of before photos for you:

But the after is considerably better:

When I first put it back in its spot, Lilly gave me a look as if to say, "Wait, it's white, am I really allowed to sit on it?"

It went kind of like this:

Not unlike the look my friends give me when they glance back and forth between myself and my white couch. Outside of our little world here where we're all crazy with our slip covered white couches, people think we're kind of insane. You do realize this, don't you?

For now, I gave Lilly a step stool to get up to her bed and she loves it. 

I'm still trying to decide how to arrange the room long-term. It's wide open to the kitchen/dining room so I don't have very many options. I thought of somehow partitioning it, or maybe putting up a folding screen, but I'm not too worried about it at the moment. I'm too busy busting out more of these things:

Obsessing over Marian's cows:

Wishing my baby a happy 2 year birthday:

coveting cake plates from Bountiful:

images via Beach Bungalow 8

Having my friends Photoshop me doing fun stuff :

Oh, and listening to this on repeat:

I hope you have an awesome weekend.

Love, Chrissa

OH! P to the Ssssss! Who is rip, roaring and ready to go for Sunday? 

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