Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Oh, what I wouldn't do with a lot of time and a little bit of money

Okay, so maybe not just a little bit of money...I'd need enough to buy a house, some paint and hopefully have an operating nest egg to fund all of my thrifting. In the meantime, I guess I can settle for refinishing free finds I abscond and living vicariously through the 200+ design blogs I am obsessed with.

This week I've been stuck at home pretty  much most of the time nursing the worst case of allergies ever. That, coupled with having left my cell phone charger at my cousin's house that lives a few hours north, has kept  me pretty much on the DL for days. Don't worry though, my time hasn't been idly wasted, I've been putting Blake's old toys up on eBay, doing (a little bit of) laundry and surfing blogs while I watch countless episodes of Moving Up, Designed to Sell and Color Splash (if David Bromstad wasn't gay, I would so kidnap him and keep him locked in my house until he succumbed to my feminine wiles, I'm just saying).

Today's favorites:

I love this room. I’d love it so much more with paint on the walls. Say, turquoise for instance:

image via BHG

What a perfect little breakfast nook. All that light! The turquoise French doors have me squirming in my seat.

I’d love the floor if it were blue, but what really gets me about this space is the view. I love the tree outside the window (is that a willow, cypress?). I would be so content to retreat to this space to drink tea and read a good book. 

I am terribly in love with this bed, and have been looking for an old fireplace mantle since I first saw this in print form. I found one last year at the Habaitat for Humanity ReStore, but they wanted $200 for it and I refused to allow myself to spend that.

And the letters? Love.

(Do I regret not busting out that $200 now? Yes. Yes, I do.)

Images via BHG

I totally love the idea highlighted in Coastal Living linked from The Estate of Things. I would absolutely love to use this washbin idea in a kids bath or in a garden sink corner (yes, I want an outdoor working sink in the back of my dream house by the gardening area so I can wash my hands constantly without having to go inside). - side bar, I had to correct the word "sink" in this entire post because I posted it as "sick". Freudian? 

I would have never thought to use these colors together but I absolutely love it. They’re really uplifting

Image via Cote De Texas

I interrupt this blog to talk about how much I LOVE this look:

Image via Wifestyle Files

I am in LOVE with this bathroom mirror anchored by these beautiful windows with such a magnificent view. I really, really want it. Kind of bad.

Image via Wifestyle Files

I loooove the use of these mounts. The sheds make me swoon. One of them will become quite relevant in future posts:

I am in LOVE with this home office:

Image via Made By Girl

You know, the more design aspects I find and fall in love with, the more I worry that it will keep me from ever really being happy without having everything I want. I get so excited by something that catches my eye, but then with equal fervor, I WANT IT!! 

For now though, I am content working on my own home's current redesign. I hope to be "done" soon (is there ever really such a thing as done?) and I'll post photos. I've gotten several pieces refinished so I have a lot of projects to show off.


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Chrome and wishlists make me swoon.

I swear on all that is good and holy that Google reads my mind (which delves into how I think they're going to take over the world, but I'll not get into that now). Day after day I'm trolling along the interwebs loving this and that, coveting and wishing things were mine and besides adding a bazillion bookmarks, there's been no good way of keeping track of all this goodness.

Then last week some of the eye candy offered to me via Everythings Turquoise has me on Amazon and it's asking me, "Would you like me to add this to your wishlist?"

Why yes. Yes I would.

"Would you like to add anything and everything you see and love online to your wishlist? For like ever and ever?"

Hells yeah!

Then you get this cute little icon for your browser and anytime you see anything you love pretty much anywhere (Helllllllo Etsy!), you just click that little A)

*Please note, this feature is only presently for Chrome users. Chrome doesn't support the Farmville toolbar so you might want to consider that prior to install *winks*

Now I have this nice list of all the "I WANT! I WANT! I WANTS!"

(And added bonus? The next time someone asks me for a wishlist, I can just be all, "Amazon me, baby.")

Quick, someone give me a ladder.

Rose Tarlow isn't really up my alley. She's very rustic and into browns and more earthy elements (I can't decide if I love or hate the ivy on the walls in these shots), however, I adore her furniture choices. The slip covered chairs and sofas, the bookshelves and of course, the tables.

But what I especially love (in any interior designer for that matter) is taking something constructed for one purpose, but then using it for another (better) one.

The bamboo ladder? Love.Love.Love it.

image via Cote de Texas

I want to find an old farm ladder to repaint and ding up as I see fit and hang my design mags from it. I get all excitedy just thinking about it.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mirror, mirror, on the're the fairest of them all

I think perhaps the most likely culprit of my fascination (and fanaticism) with mirrors is Lewis Carroll. I have always had a vivid imagination,  however, after first reading Alice in Wonderland in the fourth grade, and subsequently Through the Looking Glass, I became absolutely transfixed by the idea of mirrors and the worlds they could be harboring and the endless passages behind them that could take me any where I dreamed of going. I attribute this also to my significant affection for mirrors over fireplace mantles, you know, since that's where Alice's was.

The idea that a reflection could contain an entire other world was enthralling to me, and though, it was only a story, the metaphor was completely tangible. Upon the reflection of a mirror, you are truly able to see another place. Now, in most cases that place is right behind you, but the thought is still the same. It’s a wall with a window to the rest of the world around you.

I love how a mirror can deepen a room, give it life, texture…and even the semblance of more space.

Take a white room for instance. You can have a totally white room but you can also have a mirror that reflects the colors outside, making an interchangeable focal point that never gets old, since it’s objects are constantly changing with the time of day.

Clicking that link cost me $100 because the mirror on the bottom left? The Audrey? I have to have it.

I love how this mirror gives so much height to this table, but the balance of the lamps and their reflection perfectly balances them together. 

I love these lamps. I’ve wanted them for some time now but they’re so freaking expensive. I thought about getting some cheapies and spray painting them chrome..and I might just have to do that. In the meantime, I'll covet them softly.

This room seems very dark, but the white accents and mirror off-balance the gray perfectly.

Sidebar: That sofa? I has to have it. I need it. It needs me, I can hear it, "Chrisssssa, I need you"

The mirrors in this room seem like hallways that go on for an eternity.

I really love this room, I am sure mostly because of the prerequisite white, slip-covered couch, but I also love the plates and feedbag pillows. I plan to make some of my own just as soon as I have time. They’re so durable. I am sure that my being a devoted COTE DE TEXAS fan has absolutely no relevance here either *looks around*

What a fantastically great room this is. I love how perfectly the mirror matches the chair backs.

This room is so sweet and lovely. The little mirror over the bed is so adorable, but in this delicate room, so grounding as well.

The bedside mirror so perfectly fits the nautical themed room with all of its porthole goodness. The one thing that I always find the most charming is that with Interior Designers, nothing is ever an accident, every detail is well thought out decision.

Sidebar: Notice the bed? In case this is your first glimpse, it's all the rage with kids these days. See what I mean?


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Damn my affinity for white couches.

I blame the internet for my infatuation with white couches. Well, my infatuation with white everything to be more succinct. I tried to rationalize that because my own white couch is slipcovered, it was a very sound idea. I could just remove the cover whenever it got dirty, throw it in the wash and the put it back on, like a pretty couch dress.


I have a dog. With black hair.

I also have a son. With real feet, that walk through real grass.

So to hell with that idea.

This is my couch when I first got it (notice the bare living room and empty fish tank? Refrain from judging because I had just got those as well):

 I am going to have my cover dyed gray soon.

One of my favorite blogs, Decorology, has a nice pile of couch candy for your viewing pleasure:

All images via Decorology

Is it any wonder that I am washing my stupid, pretty white couch twice a week?


My first post, an ode to Turquoise.

First, I think it's fitting that my first post should warn any trespassers of my horrible propensity for procrastinating. I can be very, very good at it. Which is very, very bad (especially when people are waiting for you to post or write things),  usually though, it's for a reason.

Like finishing my website for instance.

Every time I started to just make it, I would get so flustered at what to call it that I couldn't just make something.  I wanted my design posts to somehow align with my word stuffs posts and my Etsy shop. How to do this without it sounding contrived and cheesy was very hard for me. So. I think I figured out how to do it;

Stuff Chrissa Loves
Stuff Chrissa Says
Stuff Chrissa Makes


I find it only fitting that my very first post is dedicated to celebrating my favorite blog this year, House of Turquoise. Nearly every morning Erin treats me with white washed and slipcovered eye candy that makes me swoon more than I worry any man might be able. When I fantasize, it's about aqua painted hardwood floors.

Perhaps I should worry about this obsession, but considering it's free and it makes me happy, I've decide to share it instead. After all, good taste is contagious.


Both images via House of Turquoise