Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Damn my affinity for white couches.

I blame the internet for my infatuation with white couches. Well, my infatuation with white everything to be more succinct. I tried to rationalize that because my own white couch is slipcovered, it was a very sound idea. I could just remove the cover whenever it got dirty, throw it in the wash and the put it back on, like a pretty couch dress.


I have a dog. With black hair.

I also have a son. With real feet, that walk through real grass.

So to hell with that idea.

This is my couch when I first got it (notice the bare living room and empty fish tank? Refrain from judging because I had just got those as well):

 I am going to have my cover dyed gray soon.

One of my favorite blogs, Decorology, has a nice pile of couch candy for your viewing pleasure:

All images via Decorology

Is it any wonder that I am washing my stupid, pretty white couch twice a week?



Squish said...

Completely Unrelated: I would punchababyseal for that yellow dress in the last image, even knowing I should never wear that color. And I would wear it. Everywhere. All the time.

Just sayin.

Erin said...

*Sigh* I adore these couches! I have a white slipcovered one too, my favorite thing ever. Thankfully no kids to get their dirty feet on it! The cats however....

Chrissa said...

I see I'm not the only one to get giddy over that dress.

Chrissa said...

Eventually, Erin, I want a room closed off with French doors that only I can go inside with only white furniture :)