About Me

I am enthusiastically obsessed with Cotswald cottages, Shelter blogs, Pinterest, anything designed by Mabley Handler Interior Design, awesome people, barnwood floors, Cristi Bastian's house, refinishing furniture, the color aqua, my puppy and my brilliant kid.

I have the most lovely, creative, brilliant, and awesome friends on the planet. If you think perhaps I might be lacking in this regard because I haven't met you yet, by all means, contact me. I'm a hopeless romantic even though I hate dating. I find it hard to date when you're elbows deep in white paint. But, I still hold out hope for the random guy bumping into me in the cheese aisle of Whole Foods who might just ask me to share tea with him after he unburies me from the farmhouse cheddar pile he knocked me into.

I'm happy you're here.
Love, Chrissa