Sunday, April 7, 2013

Do What You Love.

I refinished my dining room yet again sooner than I posted another blog. 

Stick a fork in me. 

Is this my new thing, I post a blog if I refnish a room? No, that can't be true, because you guys are still behind on my living and bedroom 'cause I kind of finished those *hides*. 

I have so much I want to tell you, like for firsties, how about my website redesign (that is alllllmost done) and how awesome that experience was! I'll be back sooner than 6 months from now, pinkie swears. But for now, it is with jumping-up-and-down squealing glee that I tell you I got a new job! But not just any job, I got THE JOB. It's no secret that I have been obsessed with Layla Grayce for years, but now? I work for em'. Totes excited. 

Speaking of excited, I have to go get busy on some things right now, but I wanted to tell you because I am just that happy, also, I've heard that this kind of enthusiasm is contagious and that jumping up and down like a twelve year old girl is good for you, so you're welcome? 

I leave you with some quickly snapped shots from this morning. 

And this...

image via weheartit

...which may as well be me because that's totally what I'm doing right now. 

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