Sunday, March 6, 2011

Creating A Cottage On A Hill Project: The Bathroom

So. I had some big plans for this post.

Oh, who am I kidding, they were only mediocre. There was going to be some photos of my favorite "rooms for more than just soap" and inspiration images for my current bathroom renovation  re-do (renovation implies walls being knocked out and that I'm replacing my shower with the cast iron tub of my dreams. Which totally isn't happening). And yes, you read that right, even as I'm posting this now, I am working on changing my bathroom yet again. I blame House of Turquoise and Austin Handler for constantly filling my head with more awesome than I can tolerate. Maybe if they'd just cut it out I could be happy with what I got. But no.

So yeah, big plans. I had them. And fireworks. But now I'm feeling lazy and distracted by American Idol. Which is funny, because I haven't watched a season since Kelly Clarkston kicked all that booty. And yeah, let's be honest, I totally didn't have any fireworks.

I guess you'll just have to settle for some lame ol' B&A's.

First, I had to suit up in the "uniform". Now, don't knock the Ralph Lauren shirt from 1999. I got that sucker at Bloomingdales on my first trip to NYC. It was on the clearance rack and at $11.00 was the only thing I could afford. The overalls bear the paint color of just about every room I've ever done. I love being able to just wipe my hands on my pant legs.

See what I mean?


Note: they had not 1, but 2 wallpaper borders up(!)






I really don't feel like I did that much. Just pretty much just undid all the awful that had been done, cleaned like my life depended  on it, painted from floor to ceiling, and added towels and a shower curtain.

So what's next? Thanks to (again) my darling, Erin from House of Turquoise, I saw this shower curtain and had to have it. And not only did I have to have it, but I had to re-do the entire bathroom to welcome it properly:

But, it needs some friends.

I love this light, I'd love it more in a polished silver or aluminum:

What I really want though, is 2 of these hung as sconces:

So far I can only find them in outdoor lighting.
Is there any reason I can't use it indoors?

I really would love a mirror like this one, but it's not big enough. 
I found one at Home Goods that I like though that is only $29 so I think I'll get that one.

via Brass Binnacle
(It's only $69!)

 Since I've still got you here, how about I share some goals?

I'm aiming for something that kind of looks like this:

and if I COULD knock out a wall?

This would be on like Donkey Kong:

And what the heck, you guys have stuck it out this whole blog sitting through my rambling,
I'll give you some fireworks after all:

Can you say yum?!


Jennifer and Austin said...

The paint color in the twin sink & aqua clawfoot tub photos looks like Benjamin Moore 654 Harbourside Teal to us.
We love the shower curtain, but are you sure you want to do a such a strong paint color that matches the intensity of the color of the shower curtain? If it were us, we would pull the paint color back a little and go lighter on the walls and let the shower curtain pop more, rather than just blend in. Just a thought :)

I am Chrissa. said...

I bet it would have been VERY good if I had included that I am white wanecoting the walls about mid-chest, huh? Perhaps about 4ft high? So I would absolutely agree with you if not for that important detail :)

Jennifer and Austin said...

Well played, Chrissa...Well played ;)

I am Chrissa. said...

Ah, well, know me ;)

Erin said...

Sooooooo cute!!! I LOVE those lights!

Anonymous said...

I loce that last bathroom so much. Its hard to decide which way to go. So many great ideas.

Anonymous said...


Randy said...

You have some kick ass taste!

I am Chrissa. said...

hey "Randy",

If you are who you say you are, why don't you send me an email?

Anonymous said...

The before and afters are wonderful. I am a big fan of turquoise. I also have a problem sticking with the same thing for too long. So if you decide to go turquoise I cant wait to see it :D

NattybyDesign said...

Awesome color choice and love the knobs too!

I am Chrissa. said...

Thank you, Nat!

(Whoopsie, which knobs?) They might be gone, I just refinished this bath AGAIN and just have to photograph it)