Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Get busy.

image via Wild & Precious

Seriously. I need to get on the ball. Like, whoa.

To Do:

Find a free-lance gig that I can do from home.
Well, okay, that's a tad bit unrealistic. I'll come back to that one.
Process photography. Now.
Finish Tater's photos. Mail them to April. Oh, don't forget to include her ornaments. 
Mail out Pay It Forward recipients
Set post dates for upcoming blogs. All 10 of them.
Photograph and list milk glass.
And those silver platter thingies.
Wash the couch covers. 
Repaint that cute little table you just bought.
Make the pom-poms, while you're at it, hang those bad boys.
Paint that tall storage thing that goes over the toilet in the bathroom.
Don't forget to take B&A's (!)
Make those book page butterflies.
Mop the floors. Scratch that. You should prolly hand scrub them. The grout needs to be disinfected.
Finish the seat cushions on dining set. List it on Etsy No, it's too big.Craigslist.
Make and mail stuff to Sharri.
Plan BB's baby shower
Finish reupholstering that ottoman or settee or whatever you call it.
Repaint the bedside tables (for the 3rd time (*&$#@!!)
Make the fairy door. 
List the gnome terrariums on Etsy.
Make the girl's plaques. 
Mail them.
Finish B's bedroom re-design. 
Take photos.
Paint your bedroom
List those lamps on Etsy. All of them. 
Paint living room.
Wait. First track down the paint color you saw on BHG. Ask for help (blog action?)
Yes. All of those lamps, I didn't stutter.
Paint the bathroom.
Put up the new shower curtain.
In case I forget to tell you, buy paint

Oh, and before I go, I want to give a shout-out to Shabby Blogs. I have always been a fan of their site, but finally had myself a little sit down shopping spree and snagged and grabbed all of the free awesome I could get my grubby little paws on. Headers, background images, adorable comment icons, blicky things and other adorable swag. (Did I mention, it's all free?)  You can also add them on Facebook by clicking HERE

I mean seriously, how cute is this?! It's a DEER!


Barbara said...

Your to-do list looks like mine. Somehow I think I can get a weeks worth of stuff done in one day. hmph. Deep breathing exercises and a whole lotta wine. :o)

Chrissa said...

I know, Barbara, the list is endless, no?

But wine surely makes things better <3