Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I need this kitchen so I'm making it...

...kind of.

So this winter I'm doing a teensy-weensy renovation to my kitchen. We're talking low, low, low budget stuff here. Of course this means a special Pinboard for the project, but also that I need to track down some things.

My inspiration:

My formula is pretty simple:
  • Replace my stove and dishwasher with gently used "newish" ones from The Habitat From Humanity ReStore (this will involve a tiny bit of planning), 
  • Paint all of my cabinets white (taking huge ques from Marion aka Miss Mustard Seed)
  • Cover my counter tops with a stainless steel laminate that a friend is hooking me up with
  • Add the hardware you see above
  •  Replace my sink with a bib sink (if I can find one with a lip on it) 
  • Swap out some cupboards for open shelving
  • Add subway tile backsplash 
  • Paint my current fridge chalk board paint black because I've wanted to do it ever since I saw this by Lauren Leiss of Pure Style Home
image via Pure Style Home

(I wish the open-rafter ceilings were an option, but any noise from upstairs would sound thunderous if I tried to do that so no dice)

Most importantly:



In the meantime, I'm doing this:

But, I think we can agree it's not nearly the awesomesauce that it could be. 

I'd love to do this for my countertops, but I doubt I can afford it and I'm trying to keep the elbow grease to a dull roar. But aren't they pretty?

I usually hate dark wood, but I love just about anything paired with white

I really want THIS sink, but have been told by my pseudo-contractor that I have to have a lip on my sink or it won't work with my pre-existing cabinets

image via Pinterest 
(and the pinner hit my pet-peeve: they didn't pin from the website but from the opened image. Grr)

So I guess now I'm looking for this:

I love the open shelving from this kitchen so that's on the list. 

I really hope to start this Winter. It depends on a lot, and I have a very, very tiny budget. We'll see how it goes. 

In the mean time, I need to find that sink. And those TINS.


Jennifer and Austin said...


OK, where to start...

Can't wait to see the stainless steel laminate...Sounds like the Sauce of the Awesome.

Love the open shelves...But also love the glass cabinet doors with the aqua-painted backs too.

Subway tile...White? Or are you going to get a little daring and bring in some color?

Vintage bin pull hardware...Can't see them in the photo that well, but here are some great ones: http://bit.ly/qrc56p

Chalk-board fridge...Are you sure? Really, really sure? I would be afraid that you would get sick of that in like, 9.25 days. It's also going to be hard to keep clean. I mean, yeah, you can wipe it with a wet sponge (or, a chalk eraser ;), but it seems like it would be prone to scuffing, finger prints, food stains, etc. Hmmm.

Oh, and the apron-front sink that you can't have? It's made by Shaw (I recognize the diamond logo on the back of the sink), carried by Rohl. See here: http://bit.ly/pixQVp and here (2/3 of the way down the page):http://bit.ly/nNDlEs

Storage Tins...I've seen those somewhere before, dammit! But these are nice too: http://bit.ly/nXON5I
And these: http://bit.ly/nAHW0A Why are the all Engligh?! More Englighness here, but these are just FANTASTIC: http://bit.ly/n7hw8M Still English, but this looks the closest yet (and white!): http://bit.ly/qaHteK I just can't believe that no one on the US is making them.

Dark stained counter-tops...Even if you could do it, it's VERY formal looking. We have a client that has this on the island...Great looking, but very serious...I think you're on a better trail with the stainless option.

And, last but not least...Here is your kitchen sink: http://bit.ly/qu5L2z
It may not be in you budget, but at least you know what it is :)


Kara said...

I got great wood countertops at IKEA, very reasonably priced if you have one nearby. They are the lighter and look great with my white cabinets.

ClassiclyAmber said...

Oh yes, lovin' huge farmhouse sinks with open shelving in the kitchen~! Can't wait to see how your project turns out. :)

Randy said...

Open shelving for your dishes look great, especially if you have pretty dishes, but I'm far too practical to want them because it's nearly impossible to keep everything clean without having to wash dishes you're not using.