Thursday, April 14, 2011

Whoo Shiny thing!

I'm not sure how your brain works, but I will be thinking about, say, the color white. White makes me think of snow, which makes me think of cold, which makes me think of getting warm, which makes me think of how to do that, which makes me think of fireplaces, which makes me think of bricks, which makes me think of mantles and the next thing I know, I am Googling "white fireplace mantles". See how that goes?

I know Alaina from Live Creative Yourself's post was supposed to be about clothes.

I know, I know, I KNOW. But.

:::Le sigh:::

I mean, who can concentrate after that? Not this girl. 

Damn you, J. Crew. You so did that on purpose. I love the cardi, but pair it with a hot guy with a camera in his hand, a confused look on his face and some (seemingly) unintentionally messy hair on his head and then I'm all, "I want to see hims fotos!"

The next thing I know, I'm stalking Mark's photography, Tumblr and have already Googled him, within the span of 22.3 seconds. I mean, we have a tattoo on the exact same spot on our right inner wrist, that means something, doesn't it?

Nah. I totally doesn't.  

I guess I'll have to try another angle. 

Feel free to suggest other angles.

And by other angles, please know that I am totally kidding. He's married. Don't worry, he won't need a restraining order. While considering other angles and Googling, I found Deidre Zahl Design. She is this adorable designer and now I am totally in love with HER! I know, "Whoooo shiny thing!" but anywayz, she is friends with Mark and his wife and went to their wedding and. His wife? Yep. You guessed it. Totes adorable. I know some people are all, "Man, his wife is cute too?" but not me.

I'm the kind of gal that sees someone adorable with someone adorable and gets teary because I'm so gosh darn happy for them. If you want to be weird like me and find her, she has a clothes blog. Which means, she has adorable clothes, too. 

(See what I mean?)

 Yes. I might be crazy. But they're all so cute.

The end.


Mandy Bryant said...

Okay, I was just saying the other day how much I love a guy in a cardigan and sneakers. It's a Mister Rogers thing, I guess. But I so love it. So I'm off to buy cardigans for my husband :)

I am Chrissa. said...

Makes mental note: Get a damn husband of your own and put a cardigan on him.

{ to be charmed } said...

Chrissa you are cracking me up! Thanks so much for the eye candy ;)

Wendy said...

We're giggling, great post!

I am Chrissa. said...

Thanks guys :)

My friends read this and we're like, "You're an adorable little psycho".

I'll take my compliments where I can get them, I guess.

AMELIA said...

Hey Chrissa,

Thanks for writing about us:) Very cool. You have a great voice.

I am Chrissa. said...

Aw, thanks.

I hope this didn't cause you to close your blinds. I'm safely tucked in the mitten so no need to worry, ahahaa...

Awwsumkitteh said...

I stalk Jeffrey Donovan from Burn Notice personally lol I have sexual anorexia due to being on Prozac so right now he's one of about three guys who can make me frisky. (off topic but hey I'll talk about who I think is sexy all day long given the chance)

I'm going to be helping renovate my parents house probably this fall, so I'm still thinking what I want my room to look like. Lexi's will be fun: I'm going to have one wall be a chalkboard (if we can fit it in)

I am Chrissa. said...

You better be taking B&A's Katie!

::runs to Google that Jeff guy::

Kara said...

haha, such a funny and random post!! Love it!

lark + linen said...

haha you are hilarious! This all rings a little bell. One time I went so buck nutty with my searches and tabs and all... I ended up having 42 windows open. 42!!! Ridiculous, I say.

I am Chrissa. said...

Thanks, Kara!

Jacqueline, I have 25 open as I type this! And Pinterest should count for 5 in itself, right?

Usually, I don't actually tellll people these things, but, what the heck, with the zombie apocalypse coming and all, the world will end soon enough and no one will care how weird I am. Right? lol

Anonymous said...

Google does strange things to the mind. Did I mention I look good in a cardigan?

I am Chrissa. said...

You mean, besides just now?