Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Things I love Today

You probably don't know this, I mean, why would you, but this blog was almost called "Things I Love Today". I really loved the name and my original intention (because I am shameless enough to admit it)  was to have a website that would generate revenue. I thought "Love" and "Things" would be quite searchable. Hahahaha...silly Chrissa. I also didn't realize that my love affair with all things design blogish would overrule any of my previous affinities for making the dollars. Besides all of that, it's irrelevant to this post. Anykitten, after that, I played with "In Love With Awesome" and even named my site that, made a lil' logo and everything:

(yes, that'd be me)

Handmade, duh. But it just didn't feel right, as much as I tried to to "own it" so I inevitably killed the FB page, hid the blog (I still have it) and whipped up Stuff Chrissa Loves. It had a decent first showing. When I left her, she had a nice 284 like base. The only problem with that, no one really cares about what Chrissa loves, because besides her own friends, no one knows who Chrissa even is until they've decided they love (or hell, even like) what she likes. It was inwardly polarizing for me and I became obsessed with finding a new name. I felt as though I couldn't write again until I had worked that part out. I was so wrapped up in my so-called identity, that I just stalemated and did nothing. I still haven't had the kuhunas to kill her off because I have links to snag from her. One night, I was having a very deep conversation with a friend about garage sales life and was heavily contemplating what this site was going to be about. I hadn't been able to write since abandoning my blog on Myspace (the blogs are still there collecting dust, having no good place to put them I just let them sit) and I didn't want to be isolated to just furniture B&A's, photos of beach huts, or you know, rugs and curtains that I think are pretty.

How do you convey your total obsession with something that you instantaneously fall in love with, become immediately obsessed over and stalk every inch of, even when it might be a person and their outlook on life? Speaking of, thank you, Design Blogs, for giving me that. Never before in my life has it been so socially acceptable to peek into people's homes, offices, bedroom closets and such, prior to now. It means a lot and I deeply appreciate it. Buuut, I'm digressing. Where was I? Oh yes, so I knew using the word "Design" was a catch 22. On one hand, it'd get me more Twitter followers because people just do blanket searches on "Design" but at the same time, it lumps me. On the other hand, how else could I truly articulate my junkie status without using it? Then I decided I was over thinking it and to just STFU and here we are. I decided to make In Love With Awesome a series of blog posts including someone/thing that I think is awesome, and highlight the shit out of it. Things I Love Today will just be random posts of...well...not to be too obvious here,  things I love today. 

I know, I know, I just spent 3 paragraphs saying, "My name is the Design Junkie because I'm obsessive and when I like stuff sometimes I'm probably going to gush about it" and there you go. Now, if I can only figure out how to slap up my Pinterest blogs. I was going to do each post with "How Pinteresting: Insert Pinboard name here" but Pinterest themselves stole my idea (because we're in each other's headz of course) so now I have to call it something else. Maybe Pinjunkie? Pinaholic? Pinnerific? Wait, I think I saw that last one somewhere. I know Pinlove is taken. Let's think about it for a minute and discuss. I'm leaning toward Pinjunkie, you know, to keep with the theme. 

Oh, yeah, if you're on Pinterest and would like to follow me: The Design Junkie on Pinterest.
Feel free to leave your own Pinterest URL in the comments.

Moving along, I'm glad I got that out, and for those of you that have asked me the very questions answered above, you're welcome. Really guys though, I'm not that interesting, I promise, I just talk a lot of smack and use too many words. 

SOOOOOOOO...Things I Love Today:

Which I found after I found/this girl found me on Twitter and I thought she was funny and pretty and decided to research* her other internet stuffs. She writes a blog  I read until I got to the very beginning. She loves shoes that are amazing and look like this:

So her and I will be friends someday. Bet. 

While checking into Getglue for Glee, I noticed the girl that commented on my "What about prom, Blane?" quip was reading a book with an awesome cover. I totally judge books based on the cover and have yet to go wrong so added it to my Goodreads and my Amazon store:

You can buy it here

If you'd like to follow me on Goodreads Clicky Clicky

And then somehow I found this blog with this banner:

and actually stopped what I was doing to drop some ohhmmms because it made me so happy. Like, truly. I listened to this song, which I loved, and then I "liked" that too. 

Side note: I really have some rather compelling arguments for the love button.

Everything about it relaxes me, and no, it's not all the white. I dunno, her words, her photos, her energy...I can sense it, I can feel it. I know that sounds craaaaazy town, but well, hello my name is Chrissa and I'm weird. Pleazedtameetcha.

I wandered on and I found Megan Anthology on Tumblr, with this photo:

Navy, white and orange?

Well hell, yes please.

esss: The Candelabra is Dunes & Duchess, and I pinned this lamp from their website last week (thanks, A.H!)

Back to Megan...I find her Twitters and this photo:

and then this one:

And now I love her, too. See how it works? Nutter, I tells ya. Crazy, loving everything, nutter. 

I find this blog with this photo that makes me want to find mah man and run away to a vineyard that has nothing in it except for grapes, a picnic table, some wine and a chandelier hanging from a tree. That's all it needs. And maybe a blanket. And some candlelights. That's all it needs. Well, and maybe some fruit, but that is it. That's all it needs. 

And hell, it doesn't even need to be a vineyard or have any grapes. It can be a hayfield. Wait. My allergies. Soybeans. That's all it needs. 

Finally, when I've made sure to pin all of my finds, sub all my new blogs, follow all of my new peeps and "Like" all there is to like, I close my tabs, snuggle down with my fuzzy blankie and start my nightly repins. I am now following Peggy Wong's Pin Boards, the author of Blue Pool Road and pinned to her board "Just Because" I find my evening's gem...I'll leave you with my final, and favorite of the night. 


I've spent a solid 30 minutes searching for who owns it which is a month in real life time. I want to purchase the print and have it printed on canvas because my bathroom needs it. Or my bedroom. One of them. If anyone recognizes it or knows who took it, holler.

Now that you get the idea, expect more of these. I thought I should post a PSA in case the ADD overload is too "Woo shiny thing!" for you to take, in which case, I'm not offended. I get it. I mean heck, this is just covering my last hour ;)

*editors note: by research I always mean stalk


Jennifer and Austin said...

I like Pinjunkie. But I also like: Freshly Pinned, Pintastic, and For The Pin!

P.S. - That navy/white/orange photo...You know that's a Dunes & Duchess candelabra in there, right?

We've got a blue one for our Lake George place, and I'm really thinking that we're going to need another one for our home too. It is delicious...I want to chew on it.

I am Chrissa. said...

Offff course you do, my brother from anutha mutha. I LOVE them, and when I went to post this, I ALMOST went to email you because I couldn't place that darn thing. I have 12 full pin boards and was like, "Shoot, is that in "Eyegasm" or "The IWANTIT file"?

Then I got impatient and just decided to post.

I love "For The Pin!" what a good idea #winning, but I think Pinjunkie might make more sense. Maybe you can use that one and blog more? Nudge-nudge :)

Jenny P said...

I want to ease into that last image and just float for hours.

I am Chrissa. said...

Meeee too! It reminds so much of Steve Gianetti's paintings.


I am so in love with them, but, they're their own blog post :)

Jennifer and Austin said...

That's right, my sister from another Mister...I got your back ;)

And you're right, from a branding/consistency point of view, PinJunkie is better. But Chrissa, For the Pin would be so fun :)

And our blog...If you only knew all the bloggy blog stuff that I have inside me head that I can't get out because we're so busy with real work (blog posts there), projects around our house (more blog posts there) and our Lake George house (mega blog posts there)...And, we are one of the founding Mentors on Lisa Ferguson's new designer resource Decor Mentor, which is launching this Thursday (how the H-E-Double Hockey Sticks did we fit in our contributions to that I'll never know?! Oh wait, I do know: All nighters.)

I will blog again, maybe even soon. Until them, I/you/the world will have to be content with my cerebral-blogging.

Wicked Courtni said...

I love you. And this blog. And that I can hear your voice when I read.

Wicked Courtni said...

Also ... Pintresting.

Chavaneth said...

I've been getting your posts in my inbox for a while. I'm not even sure how I found you.
But this morning I am super uber busy and I don't have any extra time so I read your post.
Loooove it. I laughed out loud twice.
I looked at a couple of the blogs you posted cuz I completely trust your judgment.
It would be irresponsible to read all of them right now, cuz i'm working!
But I'll be back. And I'll start opening all of your posts ;-)

My world of 13 said...

Hey Chrissa...........




peggy | bluepoolroad said...

hi chrissa! thanks so much for the mention here - you crack me up, in a very good way, so thank you ;) the vast image is by photographer bobo olsson. isn't it so serene and beautiful?

Randy said...

You love a whole lot of awesome.