Monday, May 21, 2012

I am in Manhattan for Blogfest 2012 and spent the most lovely weekend with my dear friends who gave me the most amazing tour of the Hampton's, Montauk, more shingled estates than I can count, and my favorite, Mabley Handler Interior Design's studio. 

Besting them all? Sleeping here:


I am so excited for the next three days. Between finally meeting Erin of House of Turquoise,  Sarah Elizabeth and sharing company with my absolute favorite interior designers, I am quite liable to freak out and maybe even squeal a bit. 

Not like, out loud or least, not in front of people.

I hope.


StarletStarlet said...

Hope you had a blast - cannot wait to hear the report!

Oh, I loveee house of turquoise!

Sarah said...

It was so awesome meeting you Chrissa! I'm pretty sure I did my fair share of freaking out and/or squealing, ha! Hope your summer is starting off fabulous!


Anonymous said...

Hey Chrissa! sorry I've been absent. Hope your trip went well!