Monday, June 21, 2010

Obsessed with yellow

Your emails have been so sweet and encouraging! Thank you so much. I'm still working on my bedroom redesign project,  but since it's not done, I figured I'd share some eye candy inspired by my "new" bedroom's colors. I can't wait to show you guys.

via A Life's Design from House Beautiful

This room shouldn't be a shocker. I saw it on a few blogs now and each time I see it I smile as I would seeing an old friend. I love the brightness of this room and how the space just invites clear and creative thinking. Oh, and I don't hate the yellow either ;)

I also blame this lamp:

(My obsession with mixing in splashes of hot pink might be traced back to this post as well)

How happy and calm is this room? It's missing a lot of color that I need, and I would prefer aqua to the beige, but not everyone is into such dramatic colors. This is a nice way to take a very relaxing and safe room, and pop in with this bold splashes of yellow . I love the fabric on the linen shades and how lovely it contrasts with the bold stripes of the pillows.

Man, if I only has $150 (a yard!) for that fabric on the windows. Hah!

image via The Designer's Attic

I don't think there's anyone here (that knows me anyway) that doesn't know what I am in love with in this photo. Like, holy crap my pants I love it so much!

I'm also going to have to have one or two of these:

images via Casasugar

Does she remind you of anyone? ;)


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